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Big Data is a popular term that is used to describe data sets that are so massive they are very difficult to handle using traditional database structures and processing. Challenges and opportunities that accompany the level of data growth organizations are facing today can be described as three-dimensional:

  • Volume: the amount of available data increases everyday
  • Velocity: often the speed of data creation is more important than the volume
  • Variety: there are far more data sources and a greater range of data types then even 8 years ago

There are no off the shelf solutions for Big Data, we work with organizations to develop solutions specific to their needs solving the challenges on hand and identifying opportunity.

Data Science isn’t complicated, it’s just complex.

We provide the following solutions using both structured data and complex unstructured data from disparate systems:

  • Predictive Analytics
  • Consumer Analytics
  • Audience Insight
  • Consumer Insight
  • Spatial Regression Modeling
  • Purchase Prediction
  • Data Visualization

Common statistical methods applied to large data sets are prone to choking and are unable to process the sheer amount of data. When you combine high volume and high velocity data (real time unstructured social and app data) it has the potential to create noise accumulation, spurious correlation, and incidental homogeneity.1)Dr. Joseph Aluya, D.B.A.,The Influences of Big Data Analytics

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